Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Offense from the Guard"

In this private with T, I suggested that we explore offenses from the guard.  Instructor's first move was to escape out and sit up (often to elbow; some times to hand).  This alone told me so much about what was wrong with my thinking:  when I suggested guard offense, I was thinking of being flat on my back, both hips down, and both shoulders down.  I equated guard offense with explosion from this flatten position, and instructor's approach did so much to change me mind set.

From the escape out (similar to scissor sweep), the bottom foot must be in opponent's hip.  In this position, standing up and basing to my knee is possible, then, a nice collar drag can put opponent on his hands and knees and me on top!  (Being in this position 8 minutes after suggesting offense from my guard is the type of creativity that I was lacking until instructor shared his approach.)

Of course, the scissor sweep might be there for the taking.  Sweeping is and act of offense from the guard.

This same escaping motion (as in the scissor sweep) can give the space needed for bigger, slower guys like myself to attack triangles and armbars.  I found this tip also extremely helpful.  The flexibility and explosion thought necessary to hit triangles and armbars, is not as much as an issue if you can create space and, then, use that space to your advantage.

In discussing triangles and armbars, issues of opponent's posture were explored.  Instructor also encouraged a dynamic arm bar drill that I need to improve upon.

One of the most valuable lessons learned was in the mental approach department.  It was really cool to see instructor's take on guard offense and compare it to my limited point of view.


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