Tuesday, February 28, 2012

straight arm lock to kimura


Half Guard private


Monday, February 27, 2012


This class worked on big-punch defense with a take down.  From the guard, we worked on finishing the americana and taking the back.

I tapped twice today.  Once was to a guillotine from a failed shot.  My opponent said that he hits that a lot, so it was hard to feel bad about getting caught in a guy's money move.  The second tap came from a less-than-perfect triangle.  A bud and I worked some stand up; I hit a decent throw and landed in mount.  We, then, stood up and worked some more take downs.  He pulled me into an armbar which I defended, but he had my sleeve.  From there, he worked into a triangle.  I really didn't want to tap, but it was claustrophobic; I bailed.


PS.  I won my third match on points.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I wonder if it would be possible to get a stripe on my bjj belt and advance to Sankyu in Judo by the end of Summer.  I also want to move down 2 weight classes to medium heavy.

I want to compete in 2 grappling tournaments and 2 Judo tournaments by the end or 2012.

Judo Day


Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Gi

Lots of rolling in this class. I went 4 days without only 1 tap


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gracie Combatives lessons 1-9

We're solid on them.



We drilled these from all positions today and talked defense as well.


Beginner Class

I worked this class with a friend.  We jumped guard.  We drilled the smash pass and perhaps a submission.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012



more please

This was a nice review of Jump Around. We did a neat variation of the waiter sweep that also grabs the arm.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Dis what's up.

Things seem to be going well with this hobby I'm obsessed about.  Here's what's up.

I'm come a long way in being more aggressive, but I need to do more.  Of course, I'm not talking about being a bully or jerk.  I just need to go in for the kill a bit more and stop being comfortable in bad spots.  My last tournament (which I've kinda put off talking about) was a bad display of passivity.  I was nervous standing up, so I tried to take the match down.  I ended up in bad spots and stayed there til I did something dumb (or the other guy did something good).  I went 0-2, and it didn't take much time, either.  Thank you very much for showing up.  Dumb me.  :(  

Since then, things are better; I say reservedly.  I'm still not a natural born killer; I probably still settle for bottom too much, but I'm aware of it and working on it. I'm starting more rolls from standing, and I've noticed that when I do so, I usually wind up in better positions.  Cool.

On a related note, I want to up the Judo practices and take the next step toward my next level.  I'm really only interested in Jiu Jitsu promotions, but I'll accept anything else along the way.  Spring and Summer 2012 will be a time of more focus on Judo while most of the world ignores it in the games.

A friend and I are walking through the Gracie Combatives course.  This is a pretty legit curriculum.  It's a good opportunity to cultivate love of Jiu Jitsu in someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to train.  Again, I'm only really interested in promotions at my home gym, but I'm game for whatever else is along the way. This surely isn't going to hurt me.  C'mon man, it's the Gracies!  We are a quarter of the way through it and enjoying the lessons and time together.

I recently attended a 10th Planet JJ seminar. What?  Don't hate.  Didn't you read the above!?  I would like to improve my nogi game, and I'm not turned off by Bravo's approach.  I signed up for his website, too, because dat's how 10 do.  And, it's really cheap.  ;)  I discovered a network of undergrounders who practice the 10th planet system, and they're close by.  I plan to pay them some visits off the grid.  My gym offers nogi classes, and I plan to step up my attendance of those and maybe even inquire about a private involving grappling with punches--small ones; very small.

The folks who hosted Bravo plan to have him back in a few months. We'll probably meet again.  

If I could just figure out a way to quit my job and double my income, I would be able to fund my mini fight quest.  Ohs well.  I'll just do the best I can.  By the way, I also want my daughter to stay steady with her BJJ. She's the future.

I love this stuff; that's what's up!

Jump around

We practiced jumping guard.  It's okay to do if it's an intro to another move.

We worked knee-on-belly with a cradle choke ending.  For when the choke isn't there (and knee-on-belly closes up), we worked chest pressure on an opponent on his side.  This position often results in armbars.

The rolls were good today; real good by my standards.  I'm staying much more calm.  My defense remains good (I didn't tap today).  My offense is coming along--in each of my matches I showed decent offense.  I feel like things are heading in the right direction.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lessons and Slices

Lesson 1:  Escaping the Mount
  Slice 1:  Trap and Roll
  Slice 2:  Punch defense and Roll
  Slice 3:  Headlock variation
  Slice 4:  Basic open guard pass

Lesson 2:  Americana from the Mount
  Slice 1:  Standard variation
  Slice 2:  Standard variation while preventing the roll
  Slice 3:  Head wrap variation

Lesson 3:  Maintaining the Mount
  Slice 1:  Wrap head and post
  Slice 2:  Hook and knee out
  Slice 3:  Low swim
  Slice 4:  High swim

Lesson 4:  Back mount and Remount
  Slice 1:  Take the back of a rolling opponent (via S Mount)
  Slice 2:  Remount and sliding opponent

Lesson 5:  Rear Naked Choke
  Slice 1:  From Sitting
  Slice 2:  From Back Mount (Strong Side)
  Slice 3:  From Back Mount (Weak Side)

Lesson 6:  Taking it to the Ground
  Slice 1:  Clinch
  Slice 2:  Leg Hook Takedown

Lesson 7:  Stand Up Work
  Slice 1:  Keeping the distance
  Slice 2:  Shoot in take down

Lesson 8:  Guard Game
  Slice 1:  Stage 1-tight and trapped
  Slice 2:  Stage 2-shin to arm; hands cup triceps
  Slice 3:  Knees up and together pushing away
  Slice 4:  Standing

Lesson 9:  Armbar
  Slice 1:  details and safety
  Slice 2:  from mount
  Slice 3:  from open mount

Lesson 10:  Triangle
  Slice 1:  details and safety
  Slice 2:  set up from guard game stage 2
  Slice 3:  scooting back for a larger opponent

Lesson 11:  Elevator Sweep
  Slice 1:  standard
  Slice 2:  when top wraps up your head

Lesson 12:  Elbow Knee escape
  Slice 1:  Shrimping
  Slice 2:  standard escape
  Slice 3:  free the grapevine
  Slice 4:  heel drag
  Slice 5:  fish hook

Lesson 13:  Side Mount
  Slice 1:  prevent the roll by basing
  Slice 2:  transition to scarf hold
  Slice 3:  move to mount

Lesson 14:  body fold take down
  Slice 1:  similar to the leg hook

Lesson 15:  establish the clinch
  Slice 1:  against a conservative opponent, and quick shot will be required

Lesson:  16:  Headlock counters
  Slice 1:  prevent the roll
  Slice 2:  move to open mount and frame
  Slice 3:  take the back
  Slice 4:  armbar from open mount

Lesson 17:  Double Leg
  Slice 1:  the technique
  Slice 2:  against an conservative opponent
  Slice 3:  against an aggressive opponent

Lesson 18:  Headlock while on bottom
  Slice 1:  frame and scoot out; scissor leg choke
  Slice 2:  take side control
  Slice 3:  Super lock

Gracie Combatives lessons 1-3

We did the lessons as presented on the DVD.

Bonus material included:
-4 options when on bottom side control
-armbar when getting bench pressed
-armbar from guard
-preview of lesson 4 and rear naked choke


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single Leg Action

We drilled the single leg and some counters.  Then, we worked getting the guillotine off of a single leg attempt.


Straight Leg Lock

You gotta guillotine that ankle, son.  If he ain't tapping, you ain't doing it right because it hurts.


Monday, February 13, 2012

No Gi chokes

We drilled no gi chokes on a turtles opponent.  A key principle was to insert the choking arm deep to allow for other side hookage.  I kept thinking of putting my bicep around my opponent's neck.  That gave me the depth needed to choke sukas out.


Thursday, February 9, 2012



De La huh?

Today we worked the De La Riva guard.  It was well beyond my comfort level, but I picked up a cool sweep.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Side Control Escapes

Turn in reguard.
Explode up; get underhook.
Elbow knee escape if top attempts to mount.


Gracie Combatives #1

This lesson worked a trap and roll  mount escape.
Bridge and roll an opponent by 1) trapping his hand, 2) defending the punch, or 3) using his arm (wrapped around your head).  Hook his foot, then finish the bridge and roll.

The above lands one inside of his opponent's guard, so this guard pass was taught.
If the guard is closed, one knee comes to the middle, the other knee opens like a door.  We push our opponent's leg down and finish the pass.
If the guard is open, we simply push one leg down and pass to mount.

Our bonus material also included:
-a reguard from side control
-half guard work
   -reguard from half guard
   -get the underhook from half guard; throw it off, and take the back
   -a single leg take down from half guard


Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Gi

We drilled some wrestling takedowns.  My love for the single leg was nurtured.

We, then, worked a back game.  Details of the rear-naked choke were explained.  Also, an armbar from the back was drilled.


Open Mount action

From this awesome position, we drilled a classic kimura, and upright (knees pinched on your opponent) kimura, and an armbar.