Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gracie Combatives #1

This lesson worked a trap and roll  mount escape.
Bridge and roll an opponent by 1) trapping his hand, 2) defending the punch, or 3) using his arm (wrapped around your head).  Hook his foot, then finish the bridge and roll.

The above lands one inside of his opponent's guard, so this guard pass was taught.
If the guard is closed, one knee comes to the middle, the other knee opens like a door.  We push our opponent's leg down and finish the pass.
If the guard is open, we simply push one leg down and pass to mount.

Our bonus material also included:
-a reguard from side control
-half guard work
   -reguard from half guard
   -get the underhook from half guard; throw it off, and take the back
   -a single leg take down from half guard


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