Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lessons and Slices

Lesson 1:  Escaping the Mount
  Slice 1:  Trap and Roll
  Slice 2:  Punch defense and Roll
  Slice 3:  Headlock variation
  Slice 4:  Basic open guard pass

Lesson 2:  Americana from the Mount
  Slice 1:  Standard variation
  Slice 2:  Standard variation while preventing the roll
  Slice 3:  Head wrap variation

Lesson 3:  Maintaining the Mount
  Slice 1:  Wrap head and post
  Slice 2:  Hook and knee out
  Slice 3:  Low swim
  Slice 4:  High swim

Lesson 4:  Back mount and Remount
  Slice 1:  Take the back of a rolling opponent (via S Mount)
  Slice 2:  Remount and sliding opponent

Lesson 5:  Rear Naked Choke
  Slice 1:  From Sitting
  Slice 2:  From Back Mount (Strong Side)
  Slice 3:  From Back Mount (Weak Side)

Lesson 6:  Taking it to the Ground
  Slice 1:  Clinch
  Slice 2:  Leg Hook Takedown

Lesson 7:  Stand Up Work
  Slice 1:  Keeping the distance
  Slice 2:  Shoot in take down

Lesson 8:  Guard Game
  Slice 1:  Stage 1-tight and trapped
  Slice 2:  Stage 2-shin to arm; hands cup triceps
  Slice 3:  Knees up and together pushing away
  Slice 4:  Standing

Lesson 9:  Armbar
  Slice 1:  details and safety
  Slice 2:  from mount
  Slice 3:  from open mount

Lesson 10:  Triangle
  Slice 1:  details and safety
  Slice 2:  set up from guard game stage 2
  Slice 3:  scooting back for a larger opponent

Lesson 11:  Elevator Sweep
  Slice 1:  standard
  Slice 2:  when top wraps up your head

Lesson 12:  Elbow Knee escape
  Slice 1:  Shrimping
  Slice 2:  standard escape
  Slice 3:  free the grapevine
  Slice 4:  heel drag
  Slice 5:  fish hook

Lesson 13:  Side Mount
  Slice 1:  prevent the roll by basing
  Slice 2:  transition to scarf hold
  Slice 3:  move to mount

Lesson 14:  body fold take down
  Slice 1:  similar to the leg hook

Lesson 15:  establish the clinch
  Slice 1:  against a conservative opponent, and quick shot will be required

Lesson:  16:  Headlock counters
  Slice 1:  prevent the roll
  Slice 2:  move to open mount and frame
  Slice 3:  take the back
  Slice 4:  armbar from open mount

Lesson 17:  Double Leg
  Slice 1:  the technique
  Slice 2:  against an conservative opponent
  Slice 3:  against an aggressive opponent

Lesson 18:  Headlock while on bottom
  Slice 1:  frame and scoot out; scissor leg choke
  Slice 2:  take side control
  Slice 3:  Super lock

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