Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beginner's Class

Tonight after my child's class, I stayed for the beginner's class.  We began with self defense.  Uke grabs from behind with your arms in.  Base out; shimmy to one side then the other stepping behind the attacker.  Grad his knees and dump him.

Another grab from behind under the arms can be defended by basing out and grabbing your attackers leg and throwing him back.  From this position and knee bar is there for the taking.

When your attacker grabs you from behind under your arms, you can also strip the hand and lock up and kimura.  By spinning out, your attacker can be taken down.

The downed opponent gave us the chance to talk about a more classic set up of the kimura.  We also drilled an armbar for when the kimura is defended.


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