Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Significant Goal Reached

A while back, I planned to get a new gi and accrue 200 classes before our professor's year-end seminar.  I got a bit of help as the seminar was planned for the first week of December instead of mid November.  With the seminar a few days away, I can say done and almost done.  (I only currently have 198 classes, but I'll get those last 2!)

I recently got my blue belt, and felt very happy about the accomplishment.  With my full-time-job, family-having self, I figured stripes should come no sooner than 50 classes.  Adding a pinch for good measure, I may need 500 classes to get my purple belt.  I have 200, and I am focusing on the remaining 300.

I don't control the color; I don't obsess about it, either.  I can control the 300 allowing enough soak time to let things sink in (i.e. attending 9 classes in 3 weeks could be better for me than attending 9 classes in 2 days because neither my mind nor my body moves fast enough to process 9 classes in 3 days).

In 2012 I want to attend at least 160 classes.  This blog began to track my attendance.  Let the journey continue.

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