Friday, November 18, 2011

Slightly Better Bread

I rolled twice in class.

The first was with a beginner, and it was complete charity (as I think was fitting; folks surely have given me plenty).  I coached my beginner partner into getting me in a variety of bad spots including submissions (including the kimura set up we worked on in class).

The second roll was with the big guy I ducked earlier in the day.  I resolved to be calm in this roll, and I think my calmness transferred to him.  (That plus the fact that we had already trained once in the day, and he was sticking around for another class after the beginner's class.)  I didn't stay on my back the whole match, but when I was on bottom, the big guy caught me with a slick modified ezekiel choke.  (As it turns out, this is a favorite move of his, so I don't feel terrible.)  When I was on top (in his guard, but still on top), he forced a kata juji jime.  My head was out of my gi because of his wild set up, but he kept on going.  (Just as a note:  if I am in situations that clearly aren't working the way they're supposed to, I abort.  I would never pull a dude's gi over his head and act like I'm working a legit kata juji jime.)  Oh well, I put my head back through the top of my gi that he removed.  Of course, that put me right in his choke which my adjustment made tight.  I tapped, but I also pretty much choked myself all things considered.  I didn't feel terrible.

Also, the second dude was complementary of me.  Of course, I appreciated that, but I began to wonder if he really meant what he was saying or just trying to be nice.  He said things to me that I have said to others when I was trying to be nice.  I've also said those things when giving very legit complements, too.  I can tell that this fellow will be a good test for my confidence and progress.  I'm glad I get to train with him and others.

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