Monday, November 28, 2011

Self Defense Class

This class began with an armbar drill.

We moved into coverage of several self defense moves.
1.  If someone grabs you around your neck from behind, you may be dragged back a few steps.  Go with it.  Take your leg and move it behind your attacker's leg that corresponds to the arms he's grabbing you with.  Turn your body and bow down.  You will be doing a type of osoto gari.
2.  If someone grabs you around your neck from behind and attempts to pick you up, you will need to grapevine your leg around his.  This will thwart his attempt to slam you, and he will have to put you down.  Take that chance to base out and grab his ankle taking him down.  You have a kneebar there, too.
3.  If someone grabs you from behind around your arms, you will need to shimmy you hips one way (to create space) and, then, the other way this time stepping behind your attacker.  You can, then, cup his knees and take him down.
4.  If someone grabs you from behind under your arms, you can lock up a kimura.


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