Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caique Seminar

This was a great time of learning from a true legend.

Class began with a warm-up and a hip throw drill.  After the takedown, we drilled an armbar defense.  It works by posting the foot of the side that your opponent wants.  Re-center your hips and prevent the armbar.

The seminar focused a lot of attention on the americana and kimura.  (Caique said that the kimura is one of our highest percentage moves.)

Americana defense points
Keep the arm tight and close to your own chest.  Fight for the underhook.
If your arm get separated from your chest, pin your elbow and do not let your opponent lock in his arms.
If your opponent does manage to lock it up, bridge and explode toward the lock.  You will not roll your opponent but you may create enough space to get your arm back.

Americana attack points
Pry bottom's hand by using your straight arm.  Don't tug of war.
Slide your second arm under bottom's elbow, not shoulder.

Kimura defense points
Keep your arm.  Fight for the under hook.
If your arm gets pinned, take your free hand and attempt a spin out.
If the kimura gets locked in, bridge toward the lock and attempt to roll your opponent.

Kimura attack points
Good leg work is key.  Switching hips and stepping make this move.
If your opponent buries his arm, you will have to strip it in one direction before applying the move in the other.

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