Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roll 9

*Deep Bow*Hajime*

This Judo match was against a huge, camo gi wearin dude. We grip fought for a bit, and my man is winded, big time.

We exchange foot slaps, but no body moves. Eventually, he hits a tai otoshi on me. He probably got this because I was hoping around too much, but I give him all credit.

He lands on top of me in side control. I lock up half guard before being pinned (in Judo you have 25 seconds). We are soon stood up. Dude comes in for a throw, and I counter with a rear throw of my own. He goes down hard, and I'm on top. I hear him huffing and puffing, and I even ask if he's okay (thinking the fall might have actually hurt him; he's okay, just gassing).

I don't do much on top. I think I end up on his back. My man is breathing hard. Time is called. We both scored a take down, and I was more comfortable on the ground. Good roll, all-in-all.

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