Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roll 4

*Deep Bow*Hajime*
You see this roll takes place on the Judo tatami.

I grip fight with my much larger opponent.  He outweighs me by at least 50 pounds.  We exchange attempts at foot sweeps. Nothing doing.

Then, I sweep him--he goes down.  He's pretty much on his side, so I take a loose version of side control.  He pushes and presses to get up.  No biggie to me; I go to my back and trap him in my guard (which barely fits around the hoss).  Soon after, I scissor sweep him and hear the oohs of the few on-lookers.  I'm on mount; I hop to side control and work to isolate an arm.  I don't exactly get what I want, so I pop to knee-on-belly.  Bottom is struggling, so I pull him into my guard to let him on top.  My charity soon runs empty, and I attempt another scissor sweep.  This time he bases out, so I take my bottom foot and kick out his knee.  He's flattened, and I'm climbing on his back.  From there I give a half-heart attempt at a rear naked choke.  My opponent buries himself in until we are stood back up.  When we are stood up, our match is over.

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