Thursday, December 8, 2011

Roll 1

"Hey, wanna roll?"
"Sure, let's go light."
"Fine with me," I say, since it was the first activity I'd had all day.


He's seated and working some kind of open guard. I ease in. I post a foot, and he flops to his back. I love this! Sure, I'll go easy, but I'm going to stay on top.

But my opponent was working some crazy off-balancing stuff. He didn't sweep me, but I never really felt settled on the top. That was a bummer.  I want to spend more time on top, but this guy's making it awkward.

I worked to isolate an arm or sink in a choke, but he's using his feet like hands to push me away.

At some point I consider an ankle lock. He acts like he just might do the same. We both react and end up in a not-exactly 50/50 guard before each getting to our knees.

We are neutral, and I wade in for the kill. My opponent goes to his side, and I take side control. He hooks me up and a quarter guard. I bug his neck, and he reguards me.

Professor Blue and I call it a day and get straightened up before class begins.

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