Saturday, December 31, 2011

Roll 12

This is one of the most significant rolls of all; it's against my 9-year-old daughter!

*Hey, wanna roll?*Sure*Surprise Attack*

Yep, my daughter surprise attacked me while I was playing with my other daughter.  She took my back and was holding on tight, but she didn't have her hooks in.  I easily slid out the back door, and my daughter fell to the ground with a light thud.  I took side control being careful not to crush her like a little girl.  She said something about not  knowing that we were starting; blah, blah, blah.  I swooped in for a kimura.  I don't go all Frank Mir on her, though.

I transition for an armbar.  It was tight; in fact, I could have snapped her arm like a chicken bone.  Instead, I teach her the hitch-hiker escape which she hits.  Now, she's in my guard.  I check her base, because she lets it slip a little.  This time, she's solid but not too solid for me to hit a perfect flower sweep.  She goes over like a 9-year-old little girl, and I'm on full mount--baby!

I feel her will depart.  She's done.  She pretty much gives up.  She does, however, muster the strength to remind me not to be too heavy on her.  I'm feeling charitable, so I flop to turtle.  To turtle from mount.  Oh well, it's jiu-jitsu.

My daughter eases in for an attack.  I fall to my side; she takes the gift and goes into MMA mode dropping hammer fists on my head.  Ug.  I go to my back, and she takes mount and boasts that I won't be able to get her off.  But, I do.

I'm in her guard after and bump and roll.  I pass it like butta.  I'm on side control.  There's a little back and forth, but I eventually hit a wrist lock.  She taps!  I win, but we play around a bit more before it's all said and done.

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