Thursday, December 8, 2011

Roll 3

Bad Ears Blue and I were the last two, so we rolled.  I'm a good bit bigger than him, but whatchya gonna do?


I lay back, not wanting to over use my size.  I turtle up, and he is on top. It seems that he moved all around but didn't find any openings, so he returns to the front and attempts a choke.  I sit out, and there is a scramble.  He ends up in my guard.  I think I even pull out the rubber guard and clear the neck to chill dog.  I kung fu move him out before realizing that his hand isn't on the matt.  Doh!

He passes whatever mess I made of that and is in side control.  He's no real threat as he really is smaller than I.  At some point, I reguard him and hit a nice scissor sweep.  I didn't just pile onto him after the sweep because I am so much bigger.  I actually end up in a sloppy side control.  He quickly and easily gets quarter guard.  I had both of my knees under me.  I attempt a kata juji jime.  I'm putting little of my weight on him, so he reguards me and time is called.

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