Monday, December 19, 2011

Roll 11


I rolled with Mr. quite triangle. He's sitting as usual. I grab his ankles and work to pass. I kill the legs nicely. He pushes my head and tries to escape out. I'm still holding on, but more and more of his legs are getting out.

I hurry my pass and establish side control, but it's not tight. I bug his neck as I try to isolate an arm. My opponent is small and nimble, and he manages to get a knee in. This soon leads to my being in his open guard.

I attempt to pass again. He must have popped up and created a scramble. I grab his leg and work a take down. He attempts a guillotine. I'm easily surviving it, but he's using it to get up. He ends up on top in side control.

My opponent settles in to a head-and-arm triangle. It's not fun, but I'm surviving. Then, he does something weird with my trapped arm--almost like a wrist lock. I could hold out longer, but I'm got good. I tap as the round ends.

Bonus Round:
I rolled with cool blue, and that joker caught me in a wild armbar multiple times. He cross-grabbed my elbow (almost like a classic armbar set up). He, then, rotated my arm and (sometimes) used his other hand as reinforcement. That move was cool. He hit it from a lot of places. He was looking for my arm to straighten. He was cool and let me drill it on him. He smashed me in the roll, though.

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