Monday, December 12, 2011

Roll 5

*Deep Bow*Hajime* 
Yep; here's another one of the Judo matt.

My opponent is big bad black.  He's good, and he's taking on the entire line.  I try to be cool.  I manage to get a grip or two that I like.  I throw out some foot sweeps.  He doesn't budge.  He fires off some sweeps on his own.  I stay on my feet.  Sure, I may look a little like bambi on ice, but I actually stay on my feet.  

Just as I think about dropping down for an armbar/guard pull, he does it to me!  This made me think that the idea was at least a good one.  We go down, but his armbar isn't perfect.  I pass and land in side control and work to free an arm.  Time is called in this short match, but it was a real confidence boost.

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